You can specify a single colour, or choose a steady (gradient) color schemes, primarily based on a value. Continuous color interpolates a color utilizing the proportion of a price relative to min and max. Lets you set the maximum worth utilized in share threshold calculations.

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interpolation, the variable value might be escaped to be able to conform to the syntax of the query language and the place it’s used. For instance, a variable used in a regex expression in an InfluxDB or Prometheus question might be regex escaped. Read the info source specific documentation topic for details on worth escaping during interpolation.

and a label of name whose worth is mysql-backup might be included in the question outcomes. Field options allow you to change how the information is displayed in your visualizations. Options and overrides that you simply apply don’t change the information, they alter how Grafana shows the information.


It’s simpler to make use of the predefined parsers json and logfmt when you possibly can. If you can’t, the sample and regexp parsers can be used for log strains with an unusual construction. The pattern parser is simpler grafana developer and quicker to write; it additionally outperforms the regexp parser. Multiple parsers can be utilized by a single log pipeline. The stream selector determines which log streams to incorporate in a query’s outcomes.

A area can represent a single time collection or desk column. The | keep expression will maintain only the desired labels within the pipeline and drop all the other labels. You can combine the unpack and json parsers (or some other parsers) if the original embedded log line is of a particular format. Captures are matched from the road starting or the earlier set of literals, to the line end or the next set of literals. If a seize just isn’t matched, the sample parser will cease.

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Formats single- and multi-valued variables into a comma-separated string, escapes ” in each worth by \” and quotes every worth with “. By default the calculated min and max might be primarily based on the minimal and maximum, in all collection and fields. Turning subject min/max on, will calculate the min or max on each area individually, primarily based on the minimal or most worth of the sphere. By default, Grafana automatically scales the unit based mostly on the magnitude of the worth. For example, in case you have a value of 0.14 kW, Grafana will display it as 140 W. Another instance is that 3000 kW shall be displayed at 3 MW.

Optionally, the log stream selector can be followed by a log pipeline. A log pipeline is a set of stage expressions that are chained collectively and applied to the selected log streams. Each expression can filter out, parse, or mutate log lines and their respective labels. A log pipeline may be appended to a log stream selector to further course of and filter log streams. Each expression is executed in left to proper sequence for each log line. If an expression filters out a log line, the pipeline will stop processing the present log line and start processing the following log line.

When you change an choice, it’s applied to all fields, meaning all series or columns. For example, if you change the unit to share, then all fields with numeric values are displayed in percentages. The | label_format expression can rename, modify or add labels. It takes as parameter a comma separated record of equality operations, enabling a quantity of operations at once.

This section explains all out there normal options. We support a number of worth varieties that are mechanically inferred from the question input. If any invalid formatting option is specified, then glob is the default/fallback option. When in Flow mode, the grafana-agent binary exposes a command-line interface with subcommands to perform various operations. I can’t just selected to switch all comma within the csv into semicolon as a outcome of it’ll broke some knowledge.

Formats variables with a number of values as a comma-separated string. You can chain multiple predicates using and and or which respectively specific the and and or binary operations. And could be equivalently expressed by a comma, a space or another pipe. Label filters may be place anywhere in a log pipeline. Formats variables with a number of values right into a regex string.

The regular expression should comprise a least one named sub-match (e.g (?Pre)), each sub-match will extract a special label. A pattern expression is composed of captures and literals. It’s multi functional column however the knowledge is separated with a comma that may give me problem with different information. Enter what Grafana should show if the field value is empty or null. Click within the Unit subject, then drill down until you discover the unit you want. The unit you select is applied to all fields except time.

Configure Commonplace Options

To filters these errors see the pipeline errors part. The string kind is the only one that may filter out a log line with a label __error__. Switch to case-insensitive matching by prefixing the common expression

See template features to study available capabilities in the template format. The unpack parser parses a JSON log line, unpacking all embedded labels from Promtail’s pack stage. A particular property _entry will also be used to switch the original log line.

If you need to disable this behavior, you’ll have the ability to toggle off the Scale models switch. Grafana can generally be too aggressive in parsing strings and displaying them as numbers. To configure Grafana to show the unique string worth, create a subject override and add a unit property with the String unit. For an entire listing of field formatting options, check with Standard choices definitions.

Lets you set the minimum worth used in share threshold calculations. Will extract and rewrite the log line to only contains the query and the period of a request. A predicate accommodates a label identifier, an operation and a worth to match the label with.

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A log stream is a singular supply of log content, corresponding to a file. A extra granular log stream selector then reduces the number of searched streams to a manageable quantity. This means that the labels handed to the log stream selector will have an result on the relative performance of the query’s execution. Line filter expressions are the quickest method to filter logs once the log stream selectors have been utilized. All log streams which have both a label of app whose worth is mysql

The pattern parser allows the express extraction of fields from log traces by defining a sample expression (| pattern “”). You can forcefully override the unique label using a label formatter expression. However, if an extracted key seems twice, solely the first label worth will be saved. You can apply standard choices to most built-in Grafana panels. Some older panels and group panels that have not updated to the brand new panel and information mannequin will be lacking either all or some of these field options. The identical rules that apply for Prometheus Label Selectors apply for Grafana Loki log stream selectors.

Visit the Grafana developer portal for tools and resources for extending Grafana with plugins. The color choices and their impact on the visualization is determined by the visualization you are working with. You can use the unit dropdown to also specify custom models, customized prefix or suffix and date time formats. Most field choices will not have an effect on the visualization till you click outdoors of the sector option box you are editing or press Enter. The data model utilized in Grafana, specifically the data frame, is a columnar-oriented desk construction that unifies both time collection and table question outcomes. Each column within this construction is called a field.