Done right, it can maximize profits, help you have shorter CapEx cycles, and earn a huge return on investment. In this phase, your capex request undergoes preparation, analysis, and routing, ensuring that it’s thoroughly vetted, discussed, and scrutinized before moving forward. Note that the request during this phase might undergo one or several stage gating phases using sub routes and sub-approvals. Capex approvals during these stages can be capitalized before the final project approval. Weissr® Capex Management, part of the Weissr® Capex suite brings a digital and automated approach to the entire investment lifecycle, simplifying decision-making from conception to approval and beyond.

  1. You will also want to determine if it’s financially feasible to continue with capex or, instead, shift to opex.
  2. On top of all these business benefits, our solution offers a user-friendly experience that helps businesses manage all their facility management requirements.
  3. For investors to better understand the financial health and prospects of a business, they should thoroughly understand the capital expenditures.
  4. In asset-intensive sectors, investment initiatives are essential for long-term success.
  5. However, these uncertainties only underscore the need for greater efficiency and more informed decision-making.

A ratio greater than 1.0 could mean that the company’s operations are generating the cash needed to fund its asset acquisitions. On the other hand, a ratio of less than 1.0 may indicate that the company is having issues with cash inflows and, hence, its purchase of capital assets. A company with a ratio of less than one may need to borrow money to fund its purchase of capital assets. In these cases, it is often best to consult a tax specialist to confirm what is best. IQX CAPEX is an end-to-end, flexible and customizable CAPEX process solution. We are the leading SAP-based capital expenditure solution on the market, delivering an immediate ROI to finance teams around the world.

Unveiling our comprehensive Capex Strategy book, crafted from two decades of client collaborations and expertise in our capex strategy process and tool. Simplify, standardize and automate your CapEx approval processes, saving time and increasing efficiency. As a result, to make capital investment a success, few practices to keep in mind. While to brand the big venture successfully initially, we must develop the CAPEX management process. Our Customer Care Center Program enables your employees to focus on being productive at their jobs, instead of trying to figure out how to use our CapEX® Manager software solution. Our Customer Support Team is at your service when you need assistance, to ensure that your organization utilizes our CapEX® Manager software solution to its full potential with the latest releases.

One key consideration is to find a platform that works with your existing architecture—for example, if you’re running SAP, an SAP-based solution will help eliminate complexity. Advisory services are offered by Axos Invest, Inc., an investment adviser
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Leveraging CapEx Software for Positive KPI Outcomes

For a company to make smart decisions on capital allocation, it needs project information that incorporates insights from every area of the enterprise. Gathering this information is a difficult task when investment projects aren’t effectively managed, and, so departments have to have open lines of communication in order to work together to ensure everything is done in collaboration. A business’s decision to invest funds into new equipment, property, or software, also known as capital expenditures or ‘capex,’ is one of the most important decisions it will face. But your CapEx planning and projects can also affect you in the short term as well. These projects often involve multiple people and pass through several layers of proposal, planning and review which all take huge amounts of time – another cost to your business. Similarly, a project that runs over schedule can delay your business from benefitting from the investment or projects that run over budget can throw all your budgets out.

This is why investors often look at Capex to gauge a company’s interest in growth and bullishness on its future. When [multiple tools are] spitting out different numbers it can be hard to know which numbers to rely on. Often differences can come down to when, where and how the data is collected. The terms “single version of truth” and “single source of truth” are often used interchangeably in analytics and business intelligence conversations. We recognize that information security is paramount to your business, which is why it’s a fundemental part of our CapEX® Manager software solution.

Integration into your enterprise to control investment costs

Develop the capex strategy for your business that maximizes future cash flow with transparency and a detailed roadmap. Identify and address capital expenses and operating cost overruns promptly with real-time cost tracking, minimizing financial capex management solution surprises. If an expenditure is greater than the capitalization limit of a business, and is for an asset whose utility will be used up over a period of time, then record it as a fixed asset and depreciate it over the useful life of the asset.


Our platform stands as a benchmark for accountability, transparency, and traceability within the world of capex and investment. Capex is used to buy or invest in tangible capital assets, such as real estate; raw materials; and plant, property and equipment (PP&E). Intangible, nonphysical assets, such as patents and licenses, also qualify as Capex. The goal is to minimize cost, and that involves procurement at earlier stages of the investment lifecycle.

Beyond being a tool for collaboration, effective CapEx technology needs to be easy to use. An intuitive solution works to be adopted quickly while standardizing the investment process and ensuring that project information is managed consistently from inception to execution. As your company gathers project information from every team, you will be able to identify the most promising projects to invest in, both in terms of ROI and value added across the company. If you are a mid-sized company, you may have hundreds of people across several departments who are managing various capital projects.

Choose IQX for Your CAPEX Management Transformation

When a company acquires a vehicle to add to its fleet, the purchase is often capitalized and treated as CapEx. The cost of the vehicle is depreciated over its useful life, and the acquisition is initially recorded to the company’s balance sheet. Apple’s balance sheet aggregates all property, plant, and equipment into a single line. However, more information on property, plant, and equipment is often required to be reported within the notes to the financial statements. In this case, this supplementary information explains that Apple has a gross PPE of $109 billion, with almost $79 billion made up of machinery, equipment, and internal-use software.

Calculating Capex is important to enterprise asset management (EAM) financial modeling. Capex spending is often financed with the cost of an asset spread over its life. Although no two organizations are the same, PMWeb’s flexible modular-based system is typically deployed for CapEx Planning and Management with the below configurations. Many organizations start using PMWeb for Planning and Cost Management and then expand into other modules over time.

It starts with specifying the capital spending ceiling, or the maximum amount the organization is willing to spend on acquiring, upgrading, or maintaining a capital asset. CapEx analysis tools use factual data to evaluate current and future financial situations and give you reasonable numbers. Whether you’re a small business owner or the leader of a 5,000-person team, each capex request must go through an evaluation process. A full evaluation will help you determine if the return on investment – weighed against both the costs and risks – warrants moving forward with the capital expense. CapEx is an abbreviated term for capital expenditures, which are major purchases that are usually capitalized on a company’s balance sheet instead of being expensed.